Soft&Soy 4oz

Soft&Soy 4oz

Soft&Soy Non-Toxic Remover contains no hazardous materials and is beneficial to the health of the nail bed. This product is non-flammable and complies with all 50 state and federal regulations.

Soft&Soy quickly removes all nail lacquers while delivering a high-powered blend of nutrients, moisturizers and rejuvenating oils to the nail bed. Unlike harsh acetone or other harsh chemical removers, Soft&Soy leaves a client’s nails healthy and ready for a beautiful coat of Misa Lacquer. 

Nail Polish Removal:  

Wipe all nails with Soft&Soy first, then go back to work on each nail individually. Use this product in very small amounts. You will notice a slight oily feel at first but it’s quickly absorbed into the cuticles when allowed to dry; this formula provides direct skin cell support to the cuticle and nail bed. Wipe the nails with a dry or slightly damp cloth to quickly eliminate any residual materials. 

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