Fairytale Beginnings Spring 2015

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350: Never Grow Up

"Never grow up," they said. "It's a trap." This bubbly shade of pink is for those of us who still..


351: True Love's Kiss

Who needs eternal rest when true love is calling your name? This swoon-worthy shade of lavender i..


352: A Mad Tea Party

The best gift we can give ourselves is a lifetime full of adventure. This luscious, blush pink of..


353: The Curse of the Sea Witch

Everything comes with a price, but are you willing to pay it? This creamy shade of purple is so a..


354: Colors of the Wind

This shiny, sea green color is perfect for those free-spirited and down to earth Misa Mavens out ..


355: Bippity Boppity Blue

We could all use a fairy godmother in our lives. But then again, who wants a curfew? With Bippity..