About Us

A Family Business Driven by a Dream

The Tran family has always placed a high premium on working together with family— not only the members of their immediate clan, but the family they have grown through years of business: employees and customers alike. The No. 1 priority is to do what is best for customers and make the service truly personal; since the beginning of the company, the Trans had a vision to run their business in such a way that no one feels as if he or she is “just a number.” And, because most of the Tran family members are licensed nail technicians, they have worked on the other side of the table and are able to know innately what salons want and need. Now, with distribution around the world, Misa constantly remains vigilant about making sure its products are utilizing cuttingedge technologies and innovations to meet the demands of nail professionals.


Misa was started as a family dream to innovate exciting colors and formulas, providing professional salons with a plethora of options that are all founded in the desire for top-notch results. The name “Misa” is derived from the name of an angel, and we try to live up to that name by creating something beautiful for others.

The inspiration for Misa’s wide array of colors is partly derived from fashion and lifestyle trends, but each collection is also created to offer classic colors that can be used for everyday—the timeless shades that women want to wear regardless of the year, season or latest runway report. Collections are inspired by everyday items—perhaps a diamond bracelet will lead to a sparkle-infused collection—as well as haute destinations around the world, such as France’s Eiffel Tower or a Caribbean seaside. With more than 280 shades in stock, Misa’s main goal is to provide a color to suit any craving.

Giving Back

Misa Cosmetics knows that building the community and helping out locally are intrinsic to any business’ success, so the company involves itself in dozens of charitable causes throughout the year. From contributing to fundraisers for local police and firefighters to donating profits to the Heart Disease Foundation, the Misa family—employees and owners alike—takes seriously its commitment to bettering the world and surrounding community.  Misa is also dedicated to local sourcing and manufacturing.  All Products are final-assembled in the USA.